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I believe that a person’s potential can be unleashed…

“by what they BELIEVE they can do….”

Nerisha Maharaj, Coach. Author
MBA (Advanced Leadership & Coaching). 
Chartered Accountant. Certified Coach. Certified Integrative Enneagram Practitioner. Accredited Development Dimensions International (DDI) Training Facilitator. Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor (200 hour EYR-T).

Nerisha Maharaj is an author and international Executive Leadership and Life Coach who combines a unique blend of  international expertise in the fields of both business and self-mastery, using her experience with the Enneagram, coaching and ancient yoga psychology and philosophy to unleash the highest potential in her clients. A Chartered Accountant, holding an MBA and yoga instructor certification, her diverse experience and qualifications enables her to work holistically with her clients. Nerisha’s 12-year corporate career included working for multinational companies Deloitte and Unilever around the world living in London, New York, and Botswana providing direct Board support on strategy, sustainability and risk. Her book Self-Love: The Authentic Path to Conscious Leadership is based on her award-winning, published MBA research entitled The Power of Self-Love in the Evolution of Leadership. The book, now into the second print run since publication in April 2016, has been prescribed by the UCT Graduate School of Business for the Masters in Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation class.

Nerisha works with harmonising the principles of business and personal growth to assist people across all walks of life.  Her belief is that everyone has the choice and capacity to be a leader in various aspects of life through higher consciousness. She coaches a diversity of clients from all over the world including New York, London and Florida with a solid proven track record of successful results, offering accessible coaching for clients ranging from small business CEOs to Gen Y graduates—anyone looking for personal development, who cannot afford the exorbitant costs of coaching that are usually accessible to top level corporate executives only.  Sessions are not prescriptive and are tailored to suit the individual needs of each client, including the use of Skype sessions for international clients.

 Her experience includes over 1500 hours of coaching across diverse industry and client profiles, including CEOS, chefs, marketing executives, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, accountants, academics, housewives and entrepreneurs. Her broad base of corporate clients includes SA Homeloans, City Logistics and Umgeni Water inter alia. Her work is focussed on helping people feel the aliveness, beauty and presence of their true Selves, which awakens personal joy, creativity and effectiveness.  An experienced facilitator, Nerisha teaches self-mastery at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business on the prestigious MPhil programme and facilitates a range of Enneagram, leadership development and vitality workshops for corporate clients. She is an internationally certified training facilitator for over 60 accredited workshops from strategy to communication skills, a past member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), and  African Women Chartered Accountant’s Association (AWCA). Her yoga and meditation training includes 10 years as a practitioner, the completion of a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course as well as formal training in advanced meditation techniques in Rishikesh, India.  Nerisha writes coaching articles for various publications, is a frequent guest speaker and finds her soul joy in the study of spiritual philosophy, cooking and art. And exploring the world, one place at a time.

Published Articles and Conference Papers (Refereed):

Maharaj, N., & April, K. (2013). The power of self-love in the evolution of leadership and employee engagement. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 11(4), 120-132. (Awarded UCT Graduate School of Business publication award Jan 2014)

Maharaj, N., & April, K. (2013). Self-love & leadership: Tapping the heart of employee engagement. Ashridge International Research Conference 3 (‘Multigenerational Challenges: Integrating Younger and Older Ages in Managing the Organisation’). Ashridge Business School, England, UK, 19th-20th July 2013.

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