Coaching leaders and teaching yoga in Durban: Reflections from a CA with a difference

Dear all,

What an adventurous year this has been for many of us, not so much outwardly but inwardly too. It is such a privilege and joy to be a part of your life journeys through coaching and yoga and leadership workshops/consulting, sharing your triumphs and sorrows and being inspired by your courage as you walk your paths. Many of you tell me that you are inspired and grateful to me, but few of you may realise just how equally inspired and grateful I am to you as well for your commitment to living your best life despite the challenges that you face, and to unlocking your potential by knowing your true Self and bringing that Light of yourself into the world. The journey of self-love and self-knowledge is possibly the greatest that we will ever take, enabling the true purpose of our lives to flower.

It has been quite a year for me too, having great faith in watching this work take its own shape. I have finally launched my website (thanks to the help and encouragement of my good friend Zaffy—if ever you are looking for a website developer I can highly recommend him!!) which you can now pass on to anyone who you know would benefit. Thank you to many of you for sending such great feedback and testimonials—you will see that I have included this on the website. Thanks especially for your referrals to others—always hugely appreciated by both the new clients and me. Have a look at

My December will be a time for much inner retreat and reflection, although I will be spending it in Durban and teaching yoga and coaching throughout—sessions with each of you amazing souls is always such a treat that I cannot call it “work”. Or perhaps it is as poet Kahlil Gibran so beautifully puts it, work as “love made visible”. And that is of course, the power of conscious choice that we have to approach everything that we do in life. As we reach the end of another year, may we take time to reflect on how much we have blossomed, the difference we have made to self and others through various ways, and set our intentions for the year ahead.

Wishing you all a beautiful wind down to 2013 and a very joyful and inspiring New Year ahead!

With love,


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  1. Hi Babes. I read your blog in Jan 2014 only, still relevant to my reflections of the year that has just passed. I am so happy and delighted at your achievements last year. You are courageous enough to follow your Dreams in the work you are doing now which is easier said than done! I wish you greater success and happiness for the New Year. With love Your Little Aunt x

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